Can you Run your Business with only an IPad?

That is the question my mentor, Paul Colligan, posed to us recently over Twitter:

Can I run my business for 30 days with nothing but an IPad?

What do you think? Can Paul do it?

I am personally interested in this challenge. Owing to the fact that the IPad is more of a content consumption device than anything else, this will be an interesting twist. I am curious Paul if you, being a content creator extraordinaire, will be able to pull it off with the apps available for the device. I know all the apps are there for you to use, but this will get interesting when you want to do video, take pictures, record your voice, and such. How will that work into your New Media Content Creation Model?

The interesting feature about the IPad, which I foreshadowed in my first post (The Apple iPad. Greatest thing since iSlicedBread?), is that Apple is purposely marketing this as a “content consumption device”. This device, as confused as you may be at this point, is for the content consumer not the content creator. Does anyone besides me and Paul notice this subtle shift?

If you want to keep tabs on what Paul is up to with this challenge and if it actually works, visit:


  1. Taking challenges has always been learning from me especially when it comes to 30-day challenges because it's sometimes impossible to think of accomplishing a goal for as limited time as a month. But with an iPad, I think doing business could be possible – it's true Apple has done lots of applications which are perfect for entrepreneurs and I bet Appcelerator tablet replaces spreadsheets in creating reports, filing and organizing documents. I think that's one of the best in it that could break the record.

  2. That is a great point about the iPad being more for the content consumer's and not the content creator. and i bet Paul is going to find some very creative ways to create content on the iPad. I look forward to see how he plans on doing it : )

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