#106: Jordan Cooper of Not A Pro Blog Rants on Blogging, Social Media, and Marketing

Today I interviewed Jordan Cooper of NotAProBlog.com

If you are wondering, we will be moving back to our regular schedule soon and I may be mixing the podcast episodes up! (Thinking of having a monthly episode dedicated to interviewing one person similar to this episode)

If you want one-liners, Jordan is stuffed full of them. “Be Real”, “You Blog To Make Money”, and “Start a Blog” are just a few. I also ask him a question regarding marketing and what every single business is doing wrong. You will want to hear his answer if you are a business owner.

Need some inspiration? Read a couple posts from his blog:

What it takes to be an Overnight Failure

How to Win Friends & Influence No One

Putting Your Personality Into Your Passions

To learn more about Jordan or to chat with him via twitter, click on one of the links below:

Blog – NotAProBlog.com
Twitter – @NotAProBlog

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