How World of Warcraft is like Life

Darkweb in World of Warcraft
Yes, if you haven’t figured it out by now one of my favorite online games is World of Warcraft. But not for the reasons you may think, nor am I addicted.

When you first start out in WoW, as its called by its rabidly loyal fan base (probably should write another post on that…), you begin at level one. Currently the maximum level you can reach is 80. You start out with quests which range from anything to having to hunt down and kill a thief to finding a stupid chicken that is running away from you while little fishies jump out of the water and bite you. The quests get harder and harder as time goes on, but at this point you are starting to catch on with the technicalities in how to do certain things. You are gradually leveling up, yet haven’t met anyone. Don’t worry, some of the quests become so hard that you cannot finish them without a guild or calling on friends you run across in game. Just like life eh?

Well, that’s not even the end of it. You’ve officially just started. Soon you may join a guild, think of your friend group in real life, befriend someone and become good friends, and start venturing into other things. Now you are starting out with responsibilities. Guild rules, friends, quests, better gear, and so the list starts to grow. Just like real life eh? (PS, the guys who built this game were pure geniuses are they not?)

Things start moving at a regular pace, additional things keep piling up on your plate and being consumed as you use them, and in general you are starting to enjoy this game very much. But I haven’t even shown you the kicker.

Level 80 is the most highly coveted level you can reach in WoW, hands down. Not only for bragging rights and pretty awesome gear (see pic), but a whole new world opens up to you. Hey, wait a minute, I thought this was my life you say? What are you talking about “new world”? Let me show you.

Not many people reach level 80 because they either become bored or frustrated. But those who break the little wheel of being a lowbie (what levels under 80 are called) find they can do whatever they want. Level 80 entitles you to gear unavailable anywhere else, and you get to run higher level instances. You also start out with Arena matches. Basically in arena matches you and your group are pitted against a group of equal score to see who will be the victor. Last man standing wins. Now comes the race of getting better gear to outdo your opponents, match up to battle a raid boss, and test your skills to see if you know your character inside and out. Not only that, but also the other characters you battle against and aid, inside and out. Level 80 is where everything becomes a game. Everything is moving at a faster pace and you become excited in trying to beat the challenge. Ha! But how does this apply to life you say?

This is very similar to those who are part of the middle class, and those who are rich. This is very similar to those who ultimately become successful in life, and those who settle for mediocrity. This is very similar to those who spin the wheels of the rat race, and those who create their own game. Do you see how this applies now? The fun begins at level 80. The fun begins when you break the cycle of the rat race and create your own game.

Are you game?


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