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How To Create A Google+ Page

This video will show you step-by-step how to create a Google+ page for your business.

How To Get Customers From Google, Facebook, and YouTube In 2 Steps

Here is how you get customers from Google, Facebook, and YouTube in 2 steps. This video will show you how.

1. Make a Youtube Video

2. Ask to post on Facebook

How TV Shows can make it big Online

Just thought I would send out a quick post as I had this on my mind.

I was driving in my car running some errands when a radio ad came on. It was talking about Netflix and how they now offer the option to not only watch your favorite movies online or via mail, but that you can now watch your favorite tv shows as well. This set my mind to thinking. How can tv shows make money in the online world, the ‘new media’ realm where you control what you want to watch, where you want to watch it, when you want to watch it, and how? From many of my excursions into the television industry, I know that most of the money tv shows earn come from the ads that play during each episode. There is also the option to “place products” into the episode slyly enough for you to not notice the subliminal ad. This strategy works well in movies also.

Anyways, the thought occurred to me that the easiest way tv shows can make a living online is to partner up with companies such as Netflix and Blockbuster to syndicate episodes where the public wants them. There is also throwing it up on iTunes, Hulu, and Zune Marketplace that can bring in some easy revenue. Problem solved, cue the applause and cheers from an audience that has been waiting for this moment.

If you are a tv show producer or are thinking of becoming one, factor this into your equation. The tips pay out better here, trust me.

How to get “Custom Customers”

As I am writing this, I am currently home from college on spring break. As my college blocks every video site except Facebook videos, I had to catch up on the videos I missed while I was away for three months. I only have a select few tv shows I like to watch, and ALL of them I watch online. I was in the middle of watching an episode of Chuck when a chunk of dialogue caught my entrepreneurial ear. I don’t remember the exact conversation, but it sparked this idea.

How do you get customers?

Well, to put it bluntly, you MARKET to them. No, we don’t advertise to them, read that article I linked up first then continue reading here.

It takes a creative mind to pull customers in. Something that will reach out to them, and show them the solution to their urgent need.

How do you capture the entire market’s attention?

You can do something stupid and completely blow up your reputation, causing ripples in the market. Or you can do something no one has thought about to capture them, but understand this. You cannot serve everyone. Remember the old saying, “If You Try To Be Everything To Everyone, You’ll Be Nothing To No One”?

Take that idea in perspective. Look at the bigger picture. Why do you market to certain segments of people? Why are all these marketing surveys, segments, action plans, and spread the message being conducted by companies big and small?

Because you want to capture your custom customer.

What’s the inside scoop?

Customer comes from the word ‘custom’ which comes from a latin word meaning ‘habit or usage’. It is quite fascinating if you think about it. A person, custom made, just for your business is waiting out there for you to capture them. You have no idea who it is, so you send a message to your market, hoping that they are in the mix. They hear about you and BAM!, deal closed.

Forget about advertising to everybody, that is dead. Besides, we know that reverse psychology works pretty well in this area. Market only to that select group, and sooner or later everyone and their cat will hear about you. There is enough of the market for every business to have their share, you just need to find yours. That is why you have marketing campaigns. That is why you guard the customers you do have with an iron fist (at least I hope you do). That is why you are in business.

There are customers custom-made just for your business. What are you doing to make them notice you?

How I Made My First $100 Online

“It was a dark and stormy night. The wind was whipping the trees into a frenzy of leaves and branches which crashed into the side of the building I was staying in. My mind was screaming for it to be over, but I knew it hadn’t even started. I braced my inner self for the impending doom approaching the building, knowing I would also have to fight myself if my mind broke. I would either come out victorious or die fighting to my last breath. Walking to the door, I opened it. The wind blew through my hair, powerful and threatening enough to knock me over. Rain splashed against my face as I resolutely crossed the threshold and walked out into the storm, seeking the silence beyond.”

Not exactly the introduction you expected to read about right? You probably were expecting me to say something along the lines of “I hacked Facebook and got some massive dough, let me show you my insider secrets!”

No, I am not that kind of person. Nor do I expect to be. I am the kind of guy who provides you with some solid information you can use. I am the kind of guy who wants to document my journey online. I am the kind of guy who wants to give you something of value.

To that end, and in response to the unexpected introduction you just read, here is what I have up to this point.

That introduction is basically what my mind was going through at the time before I started making solid money online. Using allegory is as close as I can come to explaining my predicament at the time without giving away private information.

How did I do it? How did I make my first $100 online?

1. I searched for an Urgent Need

I thought to myself, “What do people need help with? How can I help them?” My thoughts stumbled across Facebook Fan Pages. The more I thought about it, the more I uncovered that I knew alot about Fan Pages that I could teach people and that this was something big enough for companies to have. 400 million targeted potential customers in one place with dirt cheap access to all of them and companies just flirting around the issue? I knew I had to do something.

2. I provided customers with the exact solution

I figured many businesses knew about Fan Pages, but had no idea how to create/maintain/promote one. I also knew of other companies who just jumped in without looking and stepped in a couple problem areas that could have been avoided if they had guidance.

3. I Planned In Advance

Not everything was planned out, but most of it was. I cannot stress this enough when starting out online. You need to have some key aspects planned out, such as name, upsell flow, content, offer, and price, before you start “officially working on it”.

4. I Started Free

When I started putting the wheels into action, people already started coming in, but I wasn’t even finished! I was still in the midst of making my skeleton, which was barely operating at this point, yet people were coming in. I knew at that moment that my idea had paid off and continued with renewed vigor.

5. I Strategically Positioned myself to take advantage of all the Free Traffic/Exposure

In the name, where it was located, and how I started, I strategically positioned everything to take advantage of all the free traffic out there on Facebook. I never spent a penny advertising, they all came to me. This particular step required some thinking on my end to make sure this idea worked, the rest came in all by itself naturally.

6. I converted from Free To Paid

I left the free option open for about two weeks, then shutdown the free offer I had going. I stuck a price tag on it and stuck it back on the shelf. I expected traffic to drop, which it did, but people still came and purchased based on the pricing structure I had planned out beforehand. I even made a cold sale over the phone, which left me energized for at least a week! (Gotta thank Wells Fargo for all that sales training when I was a teller) 😉

7. I Upsold to a Premium Option

Yup, contained within my plan to get their foot in the door was the first small purchase and the subsequent value I added in the content I provided. I wanted to provide them with enough value that they would be happy and clamor for more. Some did, and I gave it to them. They are extremely happy, know exactly what to do, and are all fired up to handle what they have.

What do I do?

I Create Fan Pages.

What do you do?

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