The One Word Secret To Blogging Success

Hundreds of videos have been made, hours of audio have been recorded, and millions of words have been written on how to become successful at blogging. When it really comes down to the point, it really boils down to one word.


I’m not going to sugar-coat it for you. I’m not going to hide it behind my e-mail list, nor mystify it to be uncovered in a product. I’m putting the word out there for everyone to see. Ruminate on this word.

It takes a alot of determination to set out on this path, and even more so after. I’ll dare say most of you won’t make it down this path, you will falter and fall. But those who push on, those who do not falter, those who show an unimaginable amount of determination will push all the way to the end, wherever it may be.

Determination. Do you have it?