My 2010 Resolutions

Ok, before all of you start throwing bananas at me, let me say one thing…

I originally didn’t want to make any New Year Resolutions!

That changed though. You are getting the benefit of reading them now that I am posting them on the web for all to see.

Resolution #1: Find 1000 True Fans

Being that I am starting to take my online presence more seriously and in developing my online business, I find this is a key component. I wrote about it in my Thought Leaders post not too long ago.

Resolution #2: Find and interview the Thought Leaders

Yup, also from the same Thought Leaders post. I find that if I surround myself with the Thought Leaders of this realm, collaborate together, and become good friends, we can take this vibrant world of New Media to the next level!

Resolution #3: Comment and Stumble every blog post

I’m finding out that if I can comment on and stumble every post, the more traffic that blog sees and the chances that I get noticed. Not only does it benefit my reputation, but it also shows I am out on the web interacting with other people, leaving little tips of my own as I go along. If you think about it, it really works out better for the short and the long term, as well as benefits both parties. The unique thing when I stumble posts is that it pastes it into my Friendfeed account and sends out an automatic tweet to my twitter audience later on, where even more people read it. Pretty cool eh?

Resolution #4: See if I can maintain a daily post

Yeah, this one will probably be a kicker of a one to keep, seeing as I am a full-time college student with a 30 credit hour semester load, but we will play it by ear and see what happens. I would love for you guys to keep me accountable. Holler if I haven’t posted anything, and I will see what I can do to post something for you.

As a matter of fact, lets make it even easier. Click here to send me a tweet if I fall behind for the day.

Those are my resolutions for the year 2010. What are yours? Comment below.

-Taylor Marek
Your ever present Social Media Nut ;P


  1. These are some pretty challenging goals.

    I am a big fan of the first one. Not sure how you will measure how many you have, but it is definitely a cool thing to want. Having 1,000 people who really really appreciate your work is better than 10,000 who are hit and miss. Quality not quantiy.

    The only one that is a little unusual to me is the daily post . I understand that you want to bring lots of quality information to many people, but surely daily is biting off a little too much. I hope you keep it up cause that would be a awesome resolution to keep 🙂

    Good read,

    1. Thanks for the comment David.

      Yeah, they are challenging, but then again I feel they are needed. Time to take this realm seriously for once and enjoy the journey. 😉

      If you want me to continue daily posts, let me know. I enjoy hearing feedback on what you would prefer.

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