Daily Vs. Weekly Blog Posts: A 30 Day Test

After one month of collecting data and testing a couple options, I’ve come to several conclusions. Before I tell you, let me show you a couple pictures…


  • This just doesn’t make any sense… #GoFigure ;P
  • I personally seem to feel better getting thoughts posted on a daily basis opposed to a weekly 600+ word cram article.
  • It seems more people visit when I post daily as opposed to weekly.

Ah well, that’s just me. Now you know what I’ve been up to the past month. I’ve set new goals for this month and will be tracking and posting the results at the end of next month. Stay tuned. 🙂

Website Tip: Own Your Own Domain

Don’t let the website design companies fool you, because they can hold your domain hostage from you. Your domain should be owned by you and nobody else.

I’ve seen it happen in the past. I’ve seen it happen to me. I’ve seen it happen to friends. That’s enough headache on my end to warrant that you had better take this seriously.

When you have a website design/development/hosting company/agency/corporation design and manage your website, you had better be sure you ask them about how they will go about purchasing your domain name. If they say,

“Oh, we will take care of that. You don’t need to worry.”

Red flags had better be going up. At this point you should ask questions to clarify exactly what they will do or look for a different company. Why? Because they can take your domain name hostage for any reason and at any time.

Handling your domain name really isn’t as big as the website design companies make it out to be. The hardest thing they can do is offer you a link so you can purchase the domain name from a website hosting company, let you pay with your own credit card, and enter any important identifying information so the world knows that this is your domain name.

That’s really about it. Now that you know, don’t let this mistake happen to you and your friends in the future ok? 😉

Guest Post Tuesday!

If you’ve ever wondered if I allow guest posting, the answer is yes! Even though this is “TaylorMarek.com” and is mainly comprised of my thoughts, I absolutely LOVE to listen and read from somebody else, and I’m sure you do to.

That is why I am opening up every Tuesday on my blog for a guest post! If you’ve been wanting to write something, now is the perfect time. 🙂

What You Need To Do

A. Select A Topic

  1. Personal Finances
  2. Small Business
  3. Technology/Tech News/Reviews
  4. Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  5. New Media (Blogging, Podcasting, Online Video, YouTube, etc.)

B. Write Your Guest Post (300-500 words, you can include links)

C. Write A Short Bio (e.g., Taylor is a New Media Visionary on a journey to change the world.)

D. Contact Me and paste your guest post in the message box.

That’s It! I will reply to let you know when you can expect your post to be published on my blog and will even give you a link to it! 🙂

Any questions? Let me know. Otherwise, have fun guest posting! 🙂

Featured On The Social Media Informer

I have some awesome news for everyone.

The reason I’ve been quiet over the past couple days, other than taking a break to be offline with friends and family, was because I was in communication with the Social Media Informer.

The Social Media Informer aggregates the latest Social Media news from across a myriad of blogs, mine included! It is similar to Mashable, yet much better. Why? Because it integrates the best social media news from other blogs!

As opposed to sitting on a website and reading article after article, you actually get to visit someone else and read the article on THEIR website. I have found this extremely valuable as I like to find new friends and stay updated on the articles they have written. Some of the best nuggets I’ve found have been from the tiny blogs that sit in the background. It kinda makes me wonder why they aren’t famous like ProBlogger

I like love(!) hearing about news from another perspective. The guys who created this are pure geniuses. 😉

What are you waiting for? Visit the Social Media Informer for the latest social media news! Tell them I sent you! 🙂

What Is Your Social Media Question?

Ok, I am about to embark on my first ever pillar article series. I’m super excited to be doing this and super excited to be helping you guys! 😀

What I Need From You

I need your questions! I’ve you’ve been holding back, now is the time to ask questions. If you’ve been scouring the web for an answer, simply ask it here and I will answer it for you!

Leave a comment with your question and I will take a snapshot of the comment and answer it in a future blog post! When the post is live, I will send you an email with a link to it. You will also get full link credit for your question so be sure to link to your website and twitter username.

So? What are you waiting for? Ask away! 🙂

Re: Since When Are Blogs Not Social Media?

About a year back Copyblogger wrote a post on Since When Are Blogs Not Social Media?

Here is my response to that post. I figured this idea needed to be refreshed because I think people are forgetting something about social media and blogging. They are NOT separate entities. If anything, blogs are used to push out the “new media content” to the masses to spread virally via “social media”!

You may be surprised to know this, but blogging has been around for quite some time. This isn’t something “new”. It is simply an easier way to communicate with a worldwide audience and share your thoughts. In the age of castles, knights, and “damsels in distress” the only way a story could travel was via a “storyteller” who would travel to each town and tell his/a story for the umpteenth time. Talk about being winded! The internet makes it so much easier now… 😉

Blogs? Co-equal with Social Media and dare I say where “Social Media” got its body! Can’t have legs running everywhere without a body right? ;P

My Points?

  • Social Media is simply the next step. It is an evolution of the old method made much easier by technology.
  • Yeah, I think you should quit worrying about it Brian. We get it. 😉
  • Tofu? What kind do you mean? The regular kind or the stinky kind? We have both in Taiwan, which is where I am currently. The regular kind tastes good to me. 😉

Your Points? Comment below!

Reinvent The Wheel or Copy It?

Think about it this way. What was the most game-changing thing ever made, other than the internet? The wheel right? All part of the leverage thing right? Correct. What was before the wheel? No idea, but it probably required lots of pushing and manual labor.

All it took was one person looking at this problem from another angle and coming up with the solution that changed everything. Whoever invented the wheel is a complete genius, not because of what they did but because of their creativity in solving the problem. By thinking outside the box. By not going with the flow.

But now times have changed. Or have they? I’m pretty sure when “the wheel” came out, everyone laughed and commented on how stupid it was until the “first follower” took the risk and tried it for himself. It turned into a literal avalanche and the rest is history.

Are you blazing a new trail? Are you providing the solution to the problem at hand? You could be reinventing the wheel and not even know it. You could be copying the wheel and not even know it.

I can guarantee reinventing the wheel is harder than it looks. It sometimes takes a lifetime of sweat, blood, and tears to see anything of considerable merit. Copying the wheel is easy, however, but nobody ever tries it because they want to “blaze a “new” trail”.

Now listen closely, there are times you need to reinvent the wheel and there are other times you simply need to copy it. Sometimes you don’t need to blaze a new trail, you simply need to follow somebody down it. So where are you at right now?

Do You Really Know Your Destiny?

This thought just hit me out of the clear blue sky. Actually, it was in the middle of the night so the sky is dark, but before we diverge down another rabbit trail…

Do you really, truly know your destiny? I mean, do you actually know it or are you just guessing at it? Do you think you will be the next rockstar? Do you know that for sure or are you basing it on what people think or say about you?

A good book once told me:

There is something you need to understand. [Insert Subject] is an endless frontier. It is a frontier that no one has reached the end of or fully explored. You have taken one step into this endless frontier, and you are asking me how far you have gone?? Well, you’ve only taken one measly step!

I want you to realize something, you have taken one step into this endless frontier. And you are now one step further into this frontier than 99.9% of the human race. But don’t be satisfied with just one step. Don’t settle for just being above average. Never pitch your tent. Until you have explored the outer reaches of this endless frontier, never stop your pursuit of excellence!

-When God Writes Your Life Story by Eric & Leslie Ludy

Think about it. Many great people in this world did not know their true destiny until the end. Most of the time it was their little secret, kept hidden from the rest of the world.

So now I pose the question to you again, do you really know your TRUE destiny?

The Difference Between Rockstars And Masters

Do you truly know the difference between a rockstar and a master? What are you shooting for? What are you aspiring to become? Do you want to become a legend for future generation or a “flash in the pan” for this generation? Do you know how to get there?

Justin Bieber may be a rockstar for this generation, but Beethoven is master for all time. Fred may be the biggest rockstar ever to crash through the rankings on Youtube and become an overnight sensation, but the Three Stooges have him beat in the long run. It isn’t about being popular. It isn’t about showing off to the world. To truly become a master you must sacrifice your life to the calling. You must give something so spectacularly amazing to the world that shines bright enough to become your legacy.