Multi-Level Marketing Not Multi-Level Advertising

Anyone noticing the shift here?…

It used to be completely different. Business in the 1900’s was all about how many levels we could advertise our product/service on. The internet has completely changed the game, as well as the rapid change in technology. Now we find ourselves with an unlimited amount of levels we can promote our company in. That game has changed and we need to quickly find where we can make the most impact and leverage it.

“But wait” you may be saying right now. “Isn’t marketing and advertising the same thing?” Well…yes, and no.

Advertising is a communication strategy used to persuade the person engaging in the “ad” to take action and to buy from that brand.

Marketing is the process by which companies create value for and build strong customer relationships to ensure brand loyalty and word of mouth distribution with their market base.

Notice the slight but important difference here. (Muaha! And you didn’t think I would flex my communication degree muscles while here in college eh?…)

What did the Industrial Revolution give us? A simpler way to mass produce goods and services at a lower cost. What did the Information Age give us? Well, it kicked down the doors of the Industrial Revolution and said, “Hey, I can do all of that and more for the cost of NOTHING!” What is the Social Media Revolution giving us? It stole the idea presented in the Information Age and scattered it to the far reaches of the globe while giving us the means to connect and share with anyone and everyone across the planet at virtually the speed of light.

What multi-level advertising was to the Industrial Revolution, multi-level marketing is to the Information Age and the Social Media Revolution. You need to stop persuading and start providing value for and building strong relationships with your customers. The persuading will work itself out in the customers’ mind once you have built that relationship.

I worked for the big boys. I know those who have taken this new approach and are now soaring on untold heights. I’ve also watched others flap their “multi-level advertising” wings in vain and plummet straight to the earth below. I know the reason why too, but that is for another post. You’ll have to wait for that to come out… 😉

In the meantime, what are you doing to ensure your multi-level marketing strategy succeeds? Do you even have one?

I’m not giving you the rest of the pie until you’ve consumed your chunk of it and let me know what you thought of it below. You know I love hearing feedback from you guys…


    1. Yes, Bill, MLM without traffic is equal to zero. The major problem we are having with this business now is getting highly targeted traffic, the traffic this days are all recycled, never converts like before…

  1. “Multi-level advertising” advertising is new to me. But I do agree that multi-level marketing is huge and will continue to grow at a fast pace thanks to social media. My opinion is that you need to go above and beyond and provide value to all your prospects. Don't lie to them, provide value and they will learn to trust you and want to work with you. I did a short video on this for people in Amway/Quixtar but the approach can work with any network marketing company. Check it out.

  2. If it's good enough for Richard Kiyozaki it's good enough for me. I also think that if you want freedom of time and freedom of choice, then you want to have a residual income. I can't think of a better or simpler way to do it since most companies have done all of the marketing system for you with regards to capture pages and split testing etc. Great post and all the best.

  3. Excellent post. i agree anyone can make a business online however 98% of the people fail because they dont treat this like a business. they think they can become millionaires over night because stupid HYIP programs told them. this is not the case and that is why they fail and try and give people bad names
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  4. MLM is possible if you work the system. The ones who say it doesn't work are the ones who don't work! I work for ZoiVi, for those of you who want more information, connect with me on

  5. I don't believe even with all the benefits the internet brings that any multi level marketing program should be legit, only the people at the top make money.

  6. Awesome post here! I totally agree, and think that the internet should be used to provide value to other people. This is how you will ATTRACT others to you. MLM is a people business. People join people, not comp plans or products. Therefore, if you can become a leader, and a person of great value that will help others achieve success you will have wild success.

    At My Lead System Pro, they teach you how to provide value, whether it is through social media, a blog, a YouTube video, you name it. It is all about creating attraction and becoming a leader.

    Check out this My Lead System Pro review to learn more about how this training program can help you to start generating your own leads using the internet, through attraction marketing.

    very impressive website and content here. Thanks for sharing your insights, and bringing the VALUE!

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  7. Companies that sell high ticket products, use the<a
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    regular folks to become their advertising agents.
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    98% of the people don't even know it

  8. I have to say, I was involved in a few MLM programs in the past and lost my ass. Please understand that most programs are designed that way, unless you are a super recruiter. So, with that said I have to confess, I HATE MLM!….until now. I know you you've heard of DS Domination….they are the bomb.[youtube XauivpClxqc& youtube]

  9. True Dat Taylor! People join PEOPLE, Not businesses. So be yourself and you'll attract peeps like you. And yes, provide a TON of Value!! 😉
    [youtube La5nJyVrMaY youtube]
    Talk soon,

  10. True Dat Taylor! People join PEOPLE, Not businesses. So be yourself and you'll attract peeps like you. And yes, provide a TON of Value!![youtube La5nJyVrMaY youtube]

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  17. Here is how I see it, MLMs always run into the issue that people are always going to struggle with recruiting and sometimes the comp plan can be an issue. Internet marketing has a big learning curve. Most people cant grasp the technical skills required to be truly successful.

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  18. People need to start thinking of their advertising (in whatever form) as a tool, but the the final result. Putting up a good recruiting <a href"">video on youtube doesn't mean anything if you can't do anything with your leads. Too many MLM companies only advertise the techniques that the major earners use. The industry has to evaluate how to get the average guy profitable quickly.

    And that doesn't mean call your friends and family.

  19. MLM, Network marketing is so misunderstood by the masses, I mean its 2014 and people are still calling it a pyramid scheme, how insane… It is not a perfect model just friggin better. I love working my business,

  20. Isn't MLM just pyramid selling ? Someone at the top is always getting rich at the expense of those at the bottom.

  21. Great post – small business always get ripped off by advertising companies.

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